The Order Of Nature Is Metaphysıcal (Is It Really?)

Mustafa Günen (English)

The existence of an order in nature has never been placed at the center of discussions. However, people at all levels of science, including the great geniuses who discovered the secrets of the universe, know that there is a great order in nature, and the existence of this order is indisputable.

As it is known, in the beginning, we had nothing but energy, which was concretely on atomic scales! There was no space, no void, nothing. There was only energy origin of which is unknown. So, how did that unknown energy become the scene of the development and change into an enormous order from the beginning of time, and how did the universe come into being? This is taken as very normal, but here we understand interestingly that in the beginning we didn’t just have energy! At the same time, there was an enormous order that would direct the energy. Now let me quote Nobel Prize-winning American Physics Professor Richard Feynman regarding this order.

“There is a rhythm and order among the phenomena of nature that is invisible in the plain sight but can be noticed only by an analytical eye. This rhythm and order is just what we call the laws of physics.” Richard P. Feynman, On the Laws of Physics, p.15.

As Feynman stated, there is an order that directs nature, as all disciplines unquestionably accept, but as I mentioned above, what is the source of this order, how did this constructive and ordering feature in nature come about? These points are not often questioned or emphasized since no answer is available. However, this is a very important topic. Therefore, let me continue by quoting a few sentences from the comments of Physics professors Richard Feynman and James Clerk Maxwell.

It is important to realize that today in physics we don’t know what energy is.” (Richard Feynman. Six Easy Pieces. p.101-102)

The absolute value of energy in a standard situation is unknown to us, and even if we know it, it is of no value to us because all the phenomena depend on changes in energy, not on the absolute value of energy.” Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems. Stephen T. Thornton, Jerry B. Marion. p. 80.

As it can be understood from the information above, the origin of energy is not known. The laws that created the universe began with the Big Bang, when energy was activated and transformed from state to state. That is why in books and articles about existence and developments in nature, comments such as “the order of nature is like this, the laws of nature are like that, mother nature shaped it like this, etc.” are made. This situation is briefly described in the literature as “the order in nature is mathematical”. It is presented as if the energy and the order that guides it are parts of the same whole, as a single factor. However, when a little logic is used, the order in nature is not seen as a part or a feature of energy at all. That’s why many scientists make the distinction as “Mathematics does not need objects“.

What is order which is an abstract element without an object? Where is the energy? What is it doing to create the universe? What should it be like or what characteristics should it have so that it succeeds in creating the universe? Now let’s get into the details answering those questions.

I’m skipping the much debated and unknown part, “What started the Big Bang?“. Let me briefly reiterate what the order that science has defined as started with the Big Bang did. The order in nature is the factor that guides and sustains every moment of the universe, which initially expanded at light speed and even higher speeds. I said this in only one sentence, but scientists talk about the enormous arrangements defined as “fine tuning” during the formation of universe. Richard A. Muller, one of the world’s reputable physics professors, used title “Our Impossible Universe” for the part of his book that talks about the beginning of the universe. (Now, Physics of Time. p.132)

Now, first let’s create a picture to understand the togetherness of mathematics and energy correctly. Based on the data, this order, which achieves the impossible through fine adjustments, is not a factor that directs the energy as it expands and creates the universe, but also a factor that creates results by dictating the energy about what it will do.

Let me make this a little detailed and clearer. People who are unfamiliar with the subject think that the order of nature created the universe by creating laws according to the state of energy and shaping it as the energy expanded rapidly after the Big Bang. However, this is wrong because from the very beginning, all state changes of energy, even the smallest movements, are guided by the order. In other words, energy can do all its development through the relevant laws in the order. In short, the order in nature is in the front of developments, not behind them, just like a car driver. In common terms, the building block and material of the universe is energy. The master who created the universe from this material is mathematics. This is very important because energy is the building block of the object, that is, a concrete element, while mathematics is an abstract factor. Therefore, it may be said that energy came into existence coincidentally, but we cannot say that elements that are abstract, like mathematics, and that also have the ability to construct, came into existence coincidentally.

Scientists say that mathematics does not need objects. However, in the beginning, we had nothing as space but energy. So let’s start with this question. If there was no place for mathematics to exist, where did mathematics originated from?

 There is not a long answer to this question because mathematics is abstract. So, it does not need a place to exist. After all, there was nothing but energy. So I wonder if mathematics was originally immanent to or developed by energy? This is unlikely because mathematics is a structural element, it has to be developed and created. Accordingly, in order for mathematics or anything to develop in energy, energy must take action, that is, Big Bang must begin. However, Big Bang started with the laws of physics, that is, mathematics, at the very beginning of time. Therefore, energy cannot have created or developed mathematics. From here we arrive at the question, “So how did mathematics come into existence?” 

The answer to this question is also short because the mathematical order is a structural element and we said that it should be structured. In this case, since there is nothing but energy and energy cannot create mathematics, what remains is that it was created outside the universe by God or another power, a source of knowledge. Of course, I will not dwell on it for now since this is out of literature.

Finally, we come to the question asking why mathematics, the order formed? So, if mathematics does not need an object, if it is independent, why did it come into existence? Unfortunately, there is no available scientific explanation answering this question but since our topic is the order in the existence of the universe, we have to interpret it by reasoning on the data of science, even if it is speculative.

As it is known, what we call the order of nature provides the existence of the universe at an almost impossible degree of precision. Let’s skip asking where and how it gained this tremendous feature, and ask how it met and united with energy. According to science, mathematics may not need an object, but the object definitely needs mathematics, that is, order. Otherwise this universe would not exist.

By the way, let’s not oversee that ‘mathematics does not need an object (energy)’ means it exists and is structured outside of it, and also means that it was formed outside of the universe. This automatically moves mathematics to the metaphysical field. So let’s walk with logic by insisting that mathematical order exists together with energy, although it is not considered possible for now.

First of all, ‘there is mathematics in energy’ means that energy has come to the field of existence already including mathematics that can regulate all the states it will transform into.

In this case, it looks as if energy came into existence with information about its future and a mathematical order was formed in it according to this information, even when a unit of time such as the ‘future’ has not yet formed.

Another handicap is that if we insist that mathematics is created by energy, then the statement “mathematics needs no objects” becomes controversial because this situation makes a mathematics that has existed in energy, in terms of origin, necessary to the object. That is, it was created by the object. Also, why would energy, that is, an object, create a mechanism like mathematics that does not need itself? Directly it would have formed the mechanism as needing energy. In addition, if we continue with the logic that mathematics is independent, it means that whatever the factor that created mathematics by structuring it, must have brought energy into existence. Of course, this leads us to the conclusion that energy does not exist randomly.

Some similar situations are also valid for mathematics. Even if mathematics exists in some way, it is an instrument that maintains order. If it doesn’t need an object and there is no object that will be maintained order, then what will mathematics put in order? That’s right! Mathematics has an element available that it can put in order, and it maintains order according to its characteristics or it structures itself accordingly. Moreover, even if mathematics somehow meets energy, it will be an energy that the future and the next state of which is unknown. In this case, as I said, if there is no plan or a piece of knowledge in mathematics about what will happen to that energy, what it can turn into, how did mathematics direct it because all movements of energy depend on mathematics (Four fundamental forces). As you can see, we have arrived at very important and confusing points. I will continue with the details in the next section.

(Translated from Turkish by Semih AYDIN)


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